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Sleep Apnea Testing and Treatment Information

The Economics of the TurnKey Sleep Apnea Program

Medical and accident avoidance costs are consistently increasing. Investing in our “TurnKey” Program will allow you to decrease these medical and accident avoidance costs in the long run. By ensuring driver compliance in Sleep Apnea treatment, your costs will only decrease once you sign up for our program.Treated sleep apnea costs are far less expensive than medical and accident costs resulting from lack of testing and treatment for sleep apnea. With our program, not only do your drivers get diagnosed correctly, they will also ensure their safety as well as the safety of other through a regimented compliance program, verifying...

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Keep Your Health Care Costs Down

For employers in every industry, health care costs are continuing to grow with no signs of stopping in the recent future. It is nearly impossible to find a decent coverage policy at a low cost to the company. One particular instance causing health care costs to increase is accidents. Accidents, although affect every industry to an extent, is extremely evident particularly in the trucking industry.If a driver is fatigued due to undiagnosed or untreated sleep apnea, the risk for them to get into an accident is increased. A fatigued driver has a decreased ability to remain alert and concentrate, affecting...

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Liability in the Trucking Industry has a Major Contributor – Sleep Disorders

The trucking industry has a major contributor when it comes to health care and liability costs, its sleep disorders. There are well documented and easy to spot losses that are incurred daily but not recognized. Sleep disorders that go untreated are linked to heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other medical conditions. We are trying to be proactive before the disease catches the patient.AllTrans Fleet Services Program provides a Turnkey Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Program that offers state-of-the-art remote testing and treatment technology to the transportation industry with the convenience of full program implementation and support, superior...

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Lack of Sleep Has Negative Effects on Your Work

A shocking 40% of Americans do not get a sufficient amount of sleep at night. Knowing that a percentage of this 40% probably drive a motor operated vehicle daily, and some of them even work for Trucking Fleets as a profession, this alarming statistic would definitely cause alarm. Within the transportation industry alone, undiagnosed sleep apnea is a major cause of lack of sleep. Drivers are reported to feel fatigued and tired during the middle of the work day to the point where their job performance is affected. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has worked to decrease these reports...

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Private Trucking Fleet Safety

Starting a sleep program in a private fleet may put your company far ahead of other companies in the transportation industry with regards to the to the FMSCA guidelines about sleep apnea. Implementing an OSA program can help fleet companies and the public combat the number of accidents that were caused by fatigue associated with a sleep apnea. A key driving factor of an OSA program is the reduced healthcare costs and may help in driver recruitment and retention. Up to 28% of commercial drivers have some level of sleep apnea. The largest contributing factor of sleep apnea is having...

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