sleep apnea testing
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CPAP Monitoring, Downloads, and Reporting for DOT Medical Certifications

If you are a professional driver with sleep apnea, you will be required to undergo treatment with a CPAP device in order to keep your medical certification.  You must also show proof that you are using the device as instructed.  All CPAP devices are capable of recording your usage data.  That data is used as evidence for the Department of Transportation that you are undergoing treatment for your sleep apnea, and that you are remaining compliant with the doctor's treatment recommendations.  We can read the data from CPAP devices using data cards AND from CPAP devices using a wireless modem.  

In addition to compliance data, your CPAP records the results of your treatment. We can review that data to determine if there are any problems with your treatment. If we detect any issues with your treatment from analyzing the data, we may suggest adjustments for your CPAP settings, suggest a different mask, or make other suggestions to help improve the results of your therapy.

Usage and Compliance Data Collection Options: