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The Economics of the TurnKey Sleep Apnea Program

Medical and accident avoidance costs are consistently increasing. Investing in our “TurnKey” Program will allow you to decrease these medical and accident avoidance costs in the long run. By ensuring driver compliance in Sleep Apnea treatment, your costs will only decrease once you sign up for our program.
Treated sleep apnea costs are far less expensive than medical and accident costs resulting from lack of testing and treatment for sleep apnea. With our program, not only do your drivers get diagnosed correctly, they will also ensure their safety as well as the safety of other through a regimented compliance program, verifying that the treatment is working.

Treatment for sleep apnea effectively cuts the risk of heart attack and stroke in half for diagnosed and treated patients. Decreasing these risks in turn decrease medical costs to the fleet owner and minimize the burden of paying penalties due to unhealthy or unsafe drivers on the road. Additionally, you would cut costs in Workers Compensation payments and expenses from sick-days taken by the drivers. Getting on board with our sleep apnea testing and treatment program can also assist you with reducing insurance costs in the long run.

AllTrans Medical Fleet will customize a program to allow maximized benefits for your fleet. Your drivers will get tested for sleep apnea using a simple and convenient home sleep test. And if positive, the driver will receive treatment and compliance monitoring for up to one month to ensure that no driver in your fleet will be suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea.

With our highly trained and motivated management team, we will be able to provide your fleet with all potential aspects you would need through this testing and treatment process. Our patient coordinators utilize all and any resources in order to maintain constant communication between your drivers, fleet owners, and ourselves, allowing this entire experience to be a smooth ride from start to finish. In the end, it is a win-win situation for both your drivers and yourselves. Not only are you putting healthy and safe drivers out on the road, but you are also cutting excessive cost out from your expenses.

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