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Keep Your Health Care Costs Down

For employers in every industry, health care costs are continuing to grow with no signs of stopping in the recent future. It is nearly impossible to find a decent coverage policy at a low cost to the company. One particular instance causing health care costs to increase is accidents. Accidents, although affect every industry to an extent, is extremely evident particularly in the trucking industry.

If a driver is fatigued due to undiagnosed or untreated sleep apnea, the risk for them to get into an accident is increased. A fatigued driver has a decreased ability to remain alert and concentrate, affecting their safety while on the road as well as safety of other drivers. Sleep apnea almost guarantees a driver to have an inadequate amount of sleep causing them to be fatigued during the work day.

Not only do they increase accident risk, untreated sleep apnea in truck drivers increases risk of other health issues. This included heart attack, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, immune problems, and more that are at a higher risk of occurring with the presence of untreated sleep apnea. Adding these conditions to the list would increase the company’s cost in health care immensely. Diagnosing and treating sleep apnea will, in the long run, decrease a company’s potential increase in health care due to the additional costs. Costs for health care associated with sleep apnea can be reduced by up to 50% for each driver who is diagnosed and treated with sleep apnea.

AllTrans Fleet works to screen, test, prescribe, and treat all drivers in your fleet. By monitoring the treatment of each diagnosed driver, we ensure that the treatment is successfully allowing your drivers to improve their lifestyles, while simultaneously preventing your health care costs from increasing.

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