sleep apnea testing
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Frequently asked questions and answers about our home sleep apnea testing program.

Why do I need to take a sleep apnea test?

During the medical exam needed to obtain or renew your CDL, your doctor may decide that you match the physical conditions leading to sleep apnea. They may require you to have a sleep apnea test before signing off on your medical clearance. The test will not stop you from driving, even if it shows you have sleep apnea.

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What if I have questions?

CALL US! 1-877-357-3212. We are in the office Monday- Friday 8:30am-5:00pm CST. Once you complete your payment and questionnaire, most of our communication will be over the phone from that point forward. We can answer any questions you have about testing, sleep apnea, insurance, or the DOT paperwork, and look forward to talking with you. We speak English and Spanish.

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Will my DOT physician accept your test results?

Yes. We use an industry standard testing device, accepted by the American Medical Association. If for some reason they don’t accept our test results, we will refund your testing fee.

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Is your program accepted by the DOT physicians in my state?

Yes. Our program is accepted in all 50 states. If your results are not accepted, we will refund your testing fee.

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Do I need this for my CDL renewal?

You may need to be tested for your medical clearance, which is one component of renewing your CDL. During you DOT Physical, the examing physician will let you know if you need to have a sleep apnea test.

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