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Sleep Apnea Solutions for YOUR patients.

If you are seeking a sleep apnea testing solution for your patients that has overpriced clinical studies, slow turn around time, and difficult to follow instructions, AllTrans will probably not be a good fit for your practice.

Instead, AllTrans emphasizes three important factors:

  1. Patient affordability
  2. Patient compliance
  3. Doctor acceptance

Practices that have selected AllTrans are characteristically discerning, choosing to provide their patients AllTrans' service-focused sleep apnea solutions due to their ease of use, affordable pricing, and rapid turn around options for patients.

AllTrans isn't for every practice, but rather those that are highly selective and primarily patient-driven. Doctors that have chosen AllTrans have told us that they did so for our focus on patient’s needs and education, which results in improved patient tolerability and compliance as well as higher patient allegiance. Those factors, in turn, help your practice grow.

No other sleep apnea solution provider offers five-day turnaround for patients trying to gain or renew their DOT medical certification.

Most Doctors prefer our A-Z solution that includes treatment if needed. Patients diagnosed with sleep apnea will receive a cpap from our local DME partner. They provide a personal mask fitting to improve compliance and educate the patient on how their new cpap works and can positively impact their lives.

Doctors may choose to provide AllTrans Sleep Apnea Solutions to their patients by:

  • Stay Connected: Dispense the sleep test directly to your patients. Log in directly to your portal and enroll your patient for a sleep test.   In this scenario, you purchase a wholesale bundle of 10 sleep tests, then sell them to your patients for full cash retail price. This routinely results in at least a 10% cash profit on any of our solutions. This is the method of choice for our largest and most successful practices. You can log in to your portal to check on your patient at any time.
  • Most Popular:  Dispense a pre-paid sleep testing code to your patient.  Your practice purchases a bundle of 10 wholesale sleep test pre-paid codes, then sell them to your patients for full cash retail price.  This puts the patient in the driver's seat, leaving it up to them to go to and complete their test using the code.  Practices should expect at least a 10% cash profit on any of our solutions. This is our most popular solution because it is profitable and easy, while still improving patient allegiance.
  • Easiest:  Recommend AllTrans Sleep Apnea Solutions with free AllTrans brochures. Patients save money on their initial order with your unique Doctor Referral Code. Your patients save up to 10% when they order. Using your recommendation, patients visit our website and place an order for a sleep apnea test with us, directly. You can log in to your portal to check on your patient at any time.

Whether you choose to dispense or recommend AllTrans sleep apnea testing solutions, you must first apply for a Doctor Wholesale Account. There is no cost or obligation to you. We will provide qualified individuals and practices with information about this program by return email to a designated practice email address or return telephone call to a listed practice telephone number.

Direct Dispense Wholesale Pricing:


Cash Price

Wholesale Cost

Cash Profit

Sleep Apnea testing and Diagnosis 5-Day turnaround




Sleep Apnea testing and Diagnosis incl shipping




Treatment compliance report Next Day turnaround




Treatment compliance report





Doctor-Reported Benefits of Dispensing AllTrans Sleep Apnea Solutions:

  • Rapid turn-around of DOT Physicals that require a Sleep Test.
  • Increased referrals to you resulting from your ability to complete sleep tests within the extension period.
  • Improved patient therapeutic and visit compliance.
  • Increased patient allegiance.
  • Saves patient money by helping them avoid overpaying for clinic based lab studies. 
  • Cash based profit on a much needed service.

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