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Maintain Trucker Safety in Several Ways

One of the top priorities in the transportation industry is trucker safety due to the heavy amount of risk in the job. Truck drivers know that it is important to make safety the top priority in the job. Here are six (6) tips to help commercial driver’s maintain trucker safety.

1. Truck drivers need to keep up to date with the new safety regulations and pending truck driving laws. This can easily be accomplished online and your fleet manager or employer is directly responsible for circulating safety regulations/developments to you as soon as they receive information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

2. One of the main essentials for safe driving is the maintenance of your vehicle. Following and adhering to a scheduled maintenance program ensures that your truck is in good condition.

3. Defensive driving needs to be practiced on a daily basis by all truckers. Many of the automobile drivers lack the skills to maneuver around or behind trucks that can lead to potentially hazardous and unfortunately fatal mistakes.

4. Staying alert is not only the key to trucker safety, it’s required. All truckers need to be aware of when they need to take a break. Know and find trusted rest areas and truck stops that are along your route. Take steps to stay alert and know your limitations. Make the best use of rest breaks to relax and refresh yourself for your entire shift.

5. If your responsibility involves unloading your cargo when you reach your final destination, be sure to use proper lifting techniques. Being on the road for hours on end can put a strain on the muscles in your back. Don’t exert yourself and put your health at risk that would involve an injury.

6. The responsibility to ensure that they are in good physical condition falls on the truck driver themselves. Management of fatigue is important to trucker safety. Make sure that you always have had enough sleep to stay alert.

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