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The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation in the Transportation Industry

If you feel drowsy while driving, you’re not alone! In a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, it was analyzed that sleep problems in a variety of different drivers in the transportation industry are affecting their job performance. Safety is an important part of the transportation industry, and thus these results revealed a very serious issue. For specific responses from the poll, read on:

Train Operators in particular stated that they were extremely concerned with sleep problems and their impact on their lives and job performance. 44% stated that because of their daily routines, they are unable to sleep for an adequate amount of time. 14% were actually diagnosed with sleep apnea and reported nightly snoring and waking up not refreshed. 26% of train operators stated that their fatigue and lack of sleep impact their job performance at least once a week. 18% stated that they almost had an accident while at work due to sleepiness.

Truck drivers had similar responses in train operators. They also believed that their fatigue affected their work performance. Within truck drivers, 11% are diagnosed with various sleep disorders and 15% state that their sleepiness impacted their job performance at least once per week. 14% of truck drivers documented that they were involved in a “near miss” accident while driving at work.

Pilots also stated that their daily routines prevent them from getting the proper requirements of sleep. They stated that they tend to wake up feeling fatigued and “unrefreshed.”, affecting their job performance directly. 5% of pilots polled were diagnosed with a sleep disorder and 23% stated that sleepiness affects their job performance weekly. Since “near miss” accidents are not likely for pilots, they instead responded that 20% of pilots associated sleepiness with errors made during the work day.

Public Transportation Specialists were another arena polled during this study. Although their work hours are shorter than the other transportation industries polled above, they still stated overall that sleepiness affects their job performance. 18% also stated that they do not achieve the proper requirements needed for a good night’s sleep during the workweek. 5% are currently diagnosed with sleep disorders and 10% state that sleep does impact their job performance. 12% of public transportation specialists admitted to having a “near miss” accident during work due to lack of sleep.

Sleepiness and sleep-related disorders are prevalent in all working industries, however their association with job performance in the Transportation Industry is definitely more significant than most. The ability of the drivers in the Transportation industry to be safe and healthy must be insured since so many lives are at stake.

The Turn-Key Sleep Apnea program at AllTrans Medical Fleet Services helps drivers determine if sleep apnea is the culprit for causing their fatigue and sleepiness. AllTrans Medical Fleet Services provides home sleep testing to diagnose drivers for sleep apnea. By taking the initiative today, your drivers can begin treatment and enjoy a longer, healthier, and safer life.

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